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Updated: 22 October 2020

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Aim of the website
Names have a significant role in our everyday lives. Apart from their practical use they express our relation to nation and culture, and they also strongly imply our affiliation to our immediate environment. Via their identity-signalling role, they have a large influence on forming the individual’s consciousness of identity. Names, as elements inherited mainly from the past, treasure old linguistic and cultural relations. Consequently, many different branches of science are interested in names due to their various roles and thus it is no wonder that an independent science, onomastics, bearing characteristically interdisciplinary features, has emerged. The knowledge of names does not only offer scientific benefits, but, in a globalised world, is also required and is practical in very different areas of our modern lives.
Our aim when creating the Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry was to develop a data warehouse which would be suitable for the incorporation and management of the entire stock of Hungarian language toponyms. The main characteristics of the program is its cross-border feature which is attributable to the fact that toponymic systems, since they are linguistic-cultural phenomena, do not align to artificial borders such as country and state borders, but rather to borders created by language use. The joint management of the toponymicons is justified not only by historical circumstances and origin but also by modern language policy tasks: having these in mind we believe a publication of a Hungarian toponymicon is only possible in the context of the whole Carpathian basin.
The website aims to satisfy the general public’s curiosity about our immediate or broader environment by making the toponym registry accessible to anyone. The Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry has been designed so that it offers information both to the public and to professionals.

Content of the website
The Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry comprises two modules: users can find out information about the modern toponymicon in the modern toponym registry, while the early toponym registry contains data until 1350. Also, the two modules are interconnected.
The Basic user interface offers the possibility to search for a given toponym as well as to learn of all toponyms of a settlement. Users can get a variety of information from the data sheet of any element on the list of names retrieved after searching and selecting, and settlements can also be displayed on a map.
The Advanced user interface is primarily designed for professionals but is accessible to users from the general public as well. The user interface designed for researchers has a section which contains special functions, and which is accessible only to Registered users.

The editors of the Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry wish everyone successful browsing:

Dr István Hoffmann, Dr Valéria Tóth (University of Debrecen)
and Dr Josef Schwing (University of Mannheim)

Dr István HoffmannDr Valéria Tóthdr. Josef Schwing
University of DebrecenUniversity of DebrecenUniversity of Mannheim