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Updated: 22 October 2020

Modern toponym registry

The modern toponym registry module of the Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry is designed to introduce the modern Hungarian toponymicon and make it accessible to those interested in it. The Hungarian toponymicon is defined as the entirety of the linguistic elements used by the Hungarian-speaking population in the Hungarian parts of the Carpathian basin. It was also taken into consideration that various nations have lived in close connection with Hungarians to this day, and therefore toponyms used by those groups have also been incorporated into the public database of toponyms. The class of toponyms has been defined in the broadest sense possible: it includes not only settlement names and names of more familiar waters, mountains, regions but also denominations of the smallest places (hills, streams, meadows, fields, forests, farms, etc.) found in the vicinity of settlements in question. This stock of toponyms may reach millions of names in total, including those within and outside country borders. There is no exact data regarding the number of names, since the whole Hungarian toponymicon has not even by far been explored by Hungarian professionals.
The Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry primarily includes those toponymicons which were published mainly by linguists in the last 50 years in voluminous publications or smaller contributions. These collections are based on the actual language use of Hungarian people and may be considered a professionally credible, verified source. In addition, they typically contain earlier data from different historical sources. It is also one of our important attempts to connect historical data to modern toponyms in the largest number and chronological depth possible.
The Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry currently publishes a toponymic corpus about only a small part of the Hungarian speech area, but it will continuously be updated with new entries. Many communities do not even have a toponym registry. We hope that our initiative will also activate work in this direction. We will be glad to receive collections from users of the registry, which will be incorporated into the database after verification by experts. We also look forward to receiving comments about possible errors in the currently available material of the database or suggestions for broadening the corpus.

Territories processed so far can be viewed here.
Sources processed so far can be viewed here.